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Founded in 1906, FICPI is the only international IP organization whose membership consists solely of intellectual property professionals in private practice. With approximately 5000 members in more than 80 countries and regions FICPI can rightly claim to be a truly global body, representative of the free profession. Members of FICPI come from all aspects of private practice and represent clients ranging from individuals and SMEs to multi-national industries, as well as universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other institutions. FICPI members practice in patent, trade mark, design and other IP matters on behalf of clients who may be owners of IP rights or third parties.

Principal aims of FICPI:

  1. Enhancing international cooperation within the profession of IP attorneys in private practice, promoting the exchange of information and facilitating business relations between members.
  2. Maintaining the dignity of members and the standards of the profession of IP attorneys on an international scale.
  3. Defending the interests of members and their clients in maintaining a vigorous and effective system of IP protection.
  4. Promotion of training and continuing education of members and others interested in IP by organising regular international meetings, as well as local and regional ad hoc programmes.

FICPI Russia is a russian national group of FICPI International.  FICPI Russia was founded in 2012 and has its official name registered in the national authorities as Regional public organization “Group on assistance of patent attorneys’ professional collaboration”.

Members of FICPI Russia are russian patent/trademark attorneys in private practice representing clients before the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, Courts and Administrative bodies on registration and  protection of rights for patents, trademarks, designs, utility models and other IP subject matters.

Membership in FICPI Russia is restricted to qualified and experienced Russian IP professionals whose qualifications can be confirmed by foreign and Russian members of FICPI who support their applications for membership in FICPI Russia.